Arora Artist Filbert Hog Hair Paint Brush Set Of 6pc (Half Round)

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    Arora Artist Filbert Hog Hair Paint Brush Set Of 6pc (Half Round)

    500.00 395.00
    • 6pc filbert hog hair set
    • hog hair half round brush set
    • brush number – 2 ,4, 6, 8, 10 , 12
    • extra long handle for comfortable grip
    • excellent brush for oil and canvas painting artist and beginners alike
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    Bianyo 12 Piece Artist Brush Set (Includes Palette, Knife, Large Brush) in Zippered Carry Case

    1,429.00 997.00
    • VARIETY TIPS – Set include 12 brushes. Includes Fan, Combo, Filbert, Angular Shader, Bright, Round, Dagger, Deer foot, Wave and more types of tips,a large area brush, a Palette, Palette Knife, Zippered Carry Case.
    • VARIETY USES – Whether you’re interested in oil painting, watercolors, acrylic paint, gouache, plein air or even face painting, this versatile set can help you explore your talent and enable you to bring your concepts to life.
    • PERFECT DESIGN – The ferrules are double crimped and secure to the handle so there is no wiggling that may spoil your work of art.Short handles mean you can paint with precision, and the synthetic hairs maintain their shape better than natural bristles in addition to being more eco-friendly.
    • EASY TO CLEAN – The mixed synthetic hair possesses qualities that natural hair fails to compete with, it provides excellent shape retention and washes out effortlessly, giving your artist paint brush set a longer life span.
    • TRAVEL AND STORAGE CASE – Quality brushes with elegant black canvas case for carrying your art brushes and avoid damage. Ideal for travel (perfect for art school!) and also for home storage. The paint brush holder also doubles up as a drying stand to air dry your brushes after cleaning.
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    Bianyo Artist Painting Synthetic Paint Brushes in Canvas Holder, 15 Piece Set

    2,979.00 1,987.00
    • PAINT BRUSH SET – 15 Synthetic Art Paintbrushes for Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Gouache, Plein Air & Face Painting.
    • VARIETY TIPS – This set include 15 brushes. Includes Round, Flat, Angled, Filbert, Liner, Script Liner brushes and Fan brushes.
    • FREE PAINT BRUSH CASE – The perfect protective case for transporting your art brushes to avoid damage, ideal for travel and also for home storage.
    • ANTI-SHEDDING HAIRS – High Gloss Lacquered Wood Handles. Double-Crimped Brass Ferrules. Synthetic Paint Brushes are Handmade with Care Using the Finest Materials to Ensure No Synthetic Hair are Left Behind to Spoil Your Work.
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    Bianyo Premium Dual Tip Brush Pens, Water based Art Markers with Soft Brush Tip and Fine Tip, 12 Piece Set

    1,479.00 997.00
    • TWIN TIP BRUSH PENS- Dual tip ends to meet your every need. 1-2 mm Brush Tip for coloring, shading and blending. 0.8 mm Round Tip for outlining and fine detailing.
    • NON TOXIC – Ink is water based and unscented. Contrary to many pens your tips will have natural ink without any toxic vapors.
    • RICH COLORS- 12 Pack includes Primary Colors – blue, red, and yellow. Secondary Colors- green, orange, and violet. Additional colors include light blue, light green, light pink, dark pink, brown and black.
    • USING- Great for design work, coloring books and perfect for your art work. These calligraphy marker pen set cover a wide spectrum and can be blended together to make your own unique colors.
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    Chrome Set of 12 Premium & Exclusive Fine Art Long Handled Paint Brush + Zippered Carry Bag with Pop-Up Stand – for Oil Acrylic Watercolor Painting

    1,200.00 699.00
    • Detailed Controlled Abilities and Excellent Alternative to Natural Brushes. Designed for Everyone – From Fine Arts Students To Professional Artists.
    • Highest Grade Synthetic Nylon Brushes Resists Harsh Chemicals and Crafted for Extensive Use.
    • Full Range of Brushes – Flat, Angled, Filbert and Round for Watercolors, Acrylic, Gouache, Oil, Mixed Media Etc
    • Comes in a Carry Case that can be Transformed into a Table-Top Brush Stand with the Velcro Tabs.
    • Package Contains Pack Of 12 Paint Brushes with Zippered Carry Case with Velcro Tabs/Brush Stand.
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