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Basmati Rice 1KG



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    Basmati Rice 1KG

    100.00 65.00

    Best quality
    Best for daily use

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    Zeeba Premium Basmati Rice – 5 KG

    1,050.00 750.00

    Basmati simply at its best, Zeeba contains only the best and purest grain of basmati rice.
    Best for Biryani and Pulao.
    After cooking, Zeeba Basmati rice grains attain an extra ordinary length of upto 2.4 cm/~1 inch.
    Long length and uniform texture of the grains lends an excellent visual presentation to your preparation.
    Zeeba Basmati rice adheres to the highest food afety standards as your health is paramount to us.

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    India Khaas XL Basmati Rice | Extra Long Premium Quality Grains | Low G.I | Export Quality Basmati Rice | Great Source of Energy | Pleasant Aroma| No Gluten, 5 Kg Pack

    1,050.00 799.00

    Aged Rice – Basmati rice is one of the most treasured grains and ageing in rice is essential, as it enriches the features of rice by reducing the moisture content, increasing aroma and yields longer grain length. Aged rice cooks out beautifully with more aromatic scent and gives good bite when relished. The texture is lighter and fluffier. No wonder aged basmati rice is highly prized and relished.
    Export Quality Basmati Rice – We are driven to provide much better elongation than the other varieties of Basmati Rice available. The quality of our variant can be easily recognized by its rich aroma and sweet taste. It is highly acclaimed in the international markets as well, because of 100% purity ensured in each grain.
    Low GI – Wholegrain Basmati rice has the lowest GI (glycaemic index) of all rice types. In general, low glycemic index foods are considered healthier as they can help support weight loss. The glycemic index of basmati rice makes it a very healthy carbohydrate choice. However, don’t assume that all rice is comparable to basmati rice. Rice products can differ from one another substantially.
    Non-Blended Basmati Rice – This basmati rice is non-blended basmati rice with no blending of cheaper variants. Every grain of this Basmati Rice has exceptional grain length, which elongates to more than double its size upon cooking and has a pleasant rice aroma and elongates 2.5 times.
    New Handy Resealable Pack – With this new and convenient packing, KHAAS solves the household problem of storage of rice and is an excellent moisture barrier. The zip lock packaging provides protection to the packed products and allows freshness and shelf life to last longer.

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    Daawat Rozana Gold Basmati Rice, 5kg

    479.00 379.00

    Zero cholesterol: Good for your heart and cardio vascular functioning
    Whole grain (Lower carbohydrates): Helps in overall health
    High on fiber: Good for digestion
    Lower GI: Diabetic friendly
    HET processed and enriched with vitamins and minerals: For stronger immunity

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    Kohinoor Super Value Basmati Rice, 5 Kg

    810.00 659.00

    Authentic Basmati Rice for everyday meal
    25% extra value
    Super Value
    Superior Cooking
    Superb Basmati Taste
    Ideal for everyday dishes like steam rice, jeera rice, khichdi or pulao

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